Southern Ontario Knot Tyers

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(North American Branch)

Dave Lamberts Butterfly Tutorial

Last year, we picked up a butterfly tying kit at our local dollar store. Since the kit was assembled and distributed via China, the instructions on tying the butterfly were, at best, confusing as hell. Enter Dave! Not to be beaten up by a few pieces of cordage and bad directions, Dave set forth to figure out how to simplify the instructions and, more importantly, improve the overall design of the butterfly. We hope you enjoy making these cute little insects.


Monkey Fist Jig

For cords 1/8" diameter and larger, it is relatively easy to tie the Monkey fist "in hand". The trick is when you want a monkey fist in, lets say for argument, a piece of thread. By constructing a M,F, jig, you can build your knot in any size by simply adapting the size of this easy to build Monkey Fist tool 


Turkshead Woggle

Why purchase a "standard" woggle for your scout necker when, with a little effort, you can make your own decorative woggle. CLICK HERE to learn how it'd done!